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Documentary film work at its finest







ipFILM produces documentaries and image films . We start with the development of material for the film, develop film projects and produce our own films.


The company founder and producer, Stefan Sternad, has been a cameraman since the mid-1990s. His later professional path (cinema commercials and cinema marketing, Vienna) led him to producing films. In 2015, Sternad founded the film production company ipFILM based in Salzburg.

Stefan Sternad is still an active cameraman himself and has been producing numerous TV documentaries with ipFILM for the broadcasters ORF and 3sat since 2015.





We use aerial drones in our documentaries.


The view from above allows for super long shots of the action - even more so, the precise flight movements convey the view of a bird. We appreciate this cinematic opportunity!

In these clips we used the drones “DJI phantom 4” and “DJI inspire 2”.


In the documentary “Northern Italy's Forgotten Waterways - Fiume Piave” (co-production with ORF 3sat) we showed spectacular views from the lagoon of Grado, Baseleghe and Venice. The flat landscapes of this wonderful northern Italian region were given depth in the film. The drone made possible views that had not yet been seen on TV from this area.


In the current productions for “Land der Berge” (ORF), aerial shots are also used for narrative purposes and offer us the unique opportunity to show the beauty of Austria’s mountain landscape from a bird’s eye view.

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