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Our last films

In our latest production together with the National Austrian Broadcasting Company, we shed light on how life in one of the few functioning mountaineering villages in Tyrol works.

The people who live there report on what every day life at 1400 meters can be like and how sustainable tourism and progressive business ideas ensure survival in the remoteness of the Austrian Alps.

Production: ORF III & ipFILM

Director: Stefan Sternad

Alpine Legends - Extrem Mountaineer Peter Habeler

In our latest production with our co-production partner, ORF, the probably most famous Austrian mountaineer, Peter Habeler, shows his most personal side.


In our 45-minute TV documentary, get to know the unknown side of the man who, together with Reinhold Messner, was the first person ever to conquer Mount Everest without artificial oxygen.

🇦🇹Trailer Deutsch🇦🇹: Alpine Legenden: Extrembergsteiger Peter Habeler