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„Wenn es fließt, entwickelt sich eh alles“ (Passauer Neue Presse)

„Jazz am Bauernhof kommt ins Kino"

(Passauer Neue Presse)

„Schwein, Wein und Gesang"

(London Jazz News)

„Freejazz in Stadl-Atmosphäre"


Ein Film würdigt Jazzer und Biobauer Paul Zauner"


Jazz als ländliche Urbanität"


Wer Jazz sät, kann Glück ernten"

(Salzburger Nachrichten)

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About the musician, organic farmer and impresario of the Inntöne Festival - Paul Zauner - his love of jazz and his home, the Sauwald forest







































Paul Zauner is a colourful dog and knows God and the world of jazz. He founded the "Inntöne" festival more than 30 years ago and attracts an international audience to his farm in Upper Austria every year.



"How cool is that! Jazz on a pig farm!" (US vocalist Carmen Bradford about the festival)



Paul Zauner has fulfilled his lifelong dream in Diersbach in the Sauwald.

It is a hilly region with forests, meadows and fruit trees, an area that is rarely featured in the media.

In the days around Whitsun, international flair returns to the tranquil region: Jazz greats from all over the world and jazz enthusiasts from all over the world come together for the annual "Inntöne" festival on Paul Zauner's farm.

The passionate jazz fan and musician not only organises the most intimate and cosy jazz festival in Austria, he also enjoys performing on stage himself.

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