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Land of Mountains



The editorial style of this series is briefly described: people, mountains, history and stories. Since its founding in 1982, “Land der Berge” has brought together an audience of millions in front of its TV screens.

Numerous prizes at international mountain film festivals, the Austrian National Education Prize and the King Albert Medal in 1998 as the highest award are additional recognition. The prize, named after the Belgian King Albert II, a great alpinist, is considered the unofficial Nobel Prize for alpinism. LAND DER BERGE was the first TV program to receive it. Quality is equated with quota here.


With numerous new productions, the award-winning ORF format presents the most interesting mountain regions in Austria - and beyond - weekly on ORF III and documents milestones in Alpine history, cultural-historical connections and strong characters.

This is not primarily about tourism, but rather about understanding deeper connections.


The high popularity of the series is also reflected in the grade (5 = highest grade). An average grade of 4.9 was achieved twice in 2018. A total grade of 4.5 or higher was achieved 25 times.


The ipFILM team is pleased to be producing for this successful ORF format.


The episode “Vom Teufelsgraben zum Untersberg” (produced in summer 2018) achieved a 4% market share when it was first broadcast on September 12, 2018 and was rewarded by the viewers with a 4.6 (highest rating of 5)!


“From Untersberg to Maria Plain” is in production.

IPmedia film team filming at Untersberg for land of mountains

The IPmedia film team with protagonists on the Untersberg: (from the left: Margit Dämon, Stefan Sternad, Hermann Peseckas, Renate Fuchs-Haberl, Anita Biebl

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