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Alpine Legends
Sepp Forcher

Alpine Legends - Sepp Forcher

Director: Stefan Sternad , camera: Stefan Sternad


Production: ORFIII & ipFILM


Documentary: 49 min./2021

This episode of Mountain Land meets three mountain men. All three share a love for the mountains, which are their home and where they worked for a long time.


In our film we turn to Sepp Forcher, Herbert Geschwendtner and Peter Radacher. All three are connected by friendship and life as a hut owner in high alpine regions.


Peter Radacher III from Mühlbach am Hochkönig, amateur history researcher, former owner of the Arturhaus tells us the story of his grandmother, the first landlady at the Matrashaus.


The journalist and author Herbert Geschwendtner spent five years starting in 1972 as a very young hut landlord at the 2,941 meter high Matrashaus.


Many people know Sepp Forcher from the successful ORF TV series “Klingendes Österreich”, which he created in 200 episodes from 1986 to 1999!

However, we don't chat with Sepp Forcher about his experiences as a TV star, but let him talk about his childhood memories inwerfenweng and describe his experiences as a mountaineer and hut owner.


From 1898 to 1920, Peter Radacher's grandmother, Therese Radacher, walked the 1,500-meter-long climb from the Arthurhaus with the heavy Buglkraxn (back stretcher) up the 12-kilometer-long climb to the 2,941-meter Kaiser Jubilee refuge at the summit of the Hochkönig. Her grandson Peter says that Therese Radacher entertained the mountain tourists in Mitterberg in the morning, served food at the Kaiser-Jubiläums-Schutzhaus for lunch and walked back to the Arthurhaus in the afternoon. An unimaginable achievement that this woman achieved.


The director and cameraman of the documentary, Stefan Sternad, put it to the test and followed this path with his film team in order to recreate the performance of the first hut landlady.

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